LS3/5. What do u think ...the best match

What do y think is the best match (especially about amp and cables) for Rogers LS 3/5?
I would imagine that the LS 3/5 would sound great with tubes.
English made integrated: Onix, Cyrus, Sudgen, Naim. These little guys seems to like lower to mid power with lots of damping factor and solid current. They also liked my VTL Tiny Triodes at only 25wpc/triode.

Cables, might try the Signal Cable, they are very open.
in a forum here in audiogon i read someone said that they give their best with good tube amps. Any agrees? which amps..?
the ideal is the rogers e20 or e40 integrated.
FYI: Reviewed in newest TAS (by Sallie Reynolds).
(Correction to my FYI earlier):
LS3/5A is reviewed by Paul Seydor in the new (Nov. 2006)
sorry ..dont put them down..(integrated amp for a myth?)
i'd like to read formthat person who in someother thread said about LS3/5 working at their best only with the right tube amps......WHICH?? TELL US PLEASE
A lot of LS3/5a fans in Hong Kong agree that Leak 12.1 vintage amps are the best tube amps for these speakers. Many people also got very good results with Quad II and Eico vintage amps.
i cant believe that we have to look for vintage amps to drive LS3/5to their best.....
no modern tube amps work fine with LS3/5???
I've only heard the combo once, because one of my employees owned a set of LS3/5as. We ran them on our S-30. The speaker is an effortless load (16 ohms) so it is very tube friendly. I remember being quite surprised at how well they did bass. And the rest of the range was fine. the S-30 is as big an amp as you want to put on them; the LS3/5s don't take a lot of power.

Have fun!
In response to what figore states,there is an extremely brilliant audioguru who works in Excel HiFi in HONG KONG,he matches his LS3/5a with the Futterman OTL monoblocks,and this is a guy with access to any audio gear he wishes to have.
Isn't Excel HiFi out of business? Seems to me they went out a few years ago. Are they back? The website isn't- that's for sure.