LS26 in route, LP12 Gone what Table under 3000

I ask again. I need a table. Less than 3000k preferably less than 2500.00. I am wondering about the Rega P7, I looked at one today and they have really revamped the table from when I had my P25. The Clear Audio Performance has gathered some really good feedback from fellow AG'rs.
The VPI Scoutmaster seems like a good sturdy table. Haven't heard the pro-ject RM10 yet, but that seems to get mixed reviews. Don't know what else is out there. I need some suggestions what else to look at Sota, JA Michel, Avid, any ideas what models? Tell me what you are using.
This will have a Lyra LydianB to start and a Linn Linto phono stage till I can fund improvements. I am racking my brain here.
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The Linn Linto and Lyra are excellent products for the money and will shine with quality upstream components. I know you set your limit at $3000, but I would consider stretching to $3250 for a Galibier Serac. You get a significant part of the sound of the higher priced tables in the Galibier line and it's incrementally upgradeable when circumstances allow.
I just replaced my VPI Scout with an Avid Diva II, and I couldn't be happier. A definite bang for the buck. The Diva came with a Jelco 250 st, which some would say is it's weak point, but I like it much better than the JMW9. You can negotiate a good price at Music Direct also.
Jazdoc I will look into them I have never heard of them till now.