LS25&PH3 OR SP-10

I need help deciding which to go with.
Since I already have a VT100MK3, I want to stay with ARC stuff. I also have a Sony SCD-1 and a maxxed out Linn Sondek LP12. (cartridge is not an issue since I would go with one that gets along with whichever preamp I would choose).
Which preamp setup should I go with? The LS25&PH3SE or a SP-10??
Please offer opinions for only these two choices, I would prefer to stay with and build upon the ARC conceptual system. Thanks.
These two preamps are tonally sufficiently different to make your choice fairly easy. IMHO the SP10 is more balanced and, if it errs it, it errs on the slightly warm side of neutral. The LS25 is more tonally cool and, perhaps, offers a small bit more resolution. The down side of the SP10 phono stage is that it sounds best with medium to high out put cartridges. It has too much noise with low output moving coils. I've listened to a lot of pre amps in the past 20 years and nothing has tempted me away from my SP10 yet. I've always like the idea of have the phono pre-amp built in - one less set of cables and tubes to fret about.
I have the LS25 mkl and HAD the PH3. I was very happy with the combo. Newbee is correct. The 25 and PH3 is more neutral. I opted for an Aexthetix Rhea which gave me a bit more warmth with much more control and more gain