ls FM radio even listenable any more?

Sam here and fm radio for me has been unlistenable since maybe 1995 

l found an independent radio station out of toronto canada that plays 24/7 1st press commercial free vinyl and the sound is outstanding vinyl voyage radio  monday is 24 hours of 80's
WMMS 100.7 BUZZARD RADIO, best rock FM station in the US of A, in Cleveland, Ohio, home of Rock & Roll!
Detroit metro area still has some good public radio stations. WDET and WRCJ both broadcast in high quality terrestrial. When I had a decent analog tuner, I would listen on some evenings and weekends. My tuner's gone and I stream the same material. Frankly, sounds better.
My Magnum Dynalabs tuner is in its box and in the closet because as a jazz music lover, I found it pretty useless here in Charleston, SC. I installed a Sirius FM receiver and get a very good signal, especially late at night.
Thanks for the link to Vinyl Voyage Radio! Been listening for awhile. Pretty damn good.

The 80’s on Mondays are from 6AM to 7PM, not 24 hours and it states "Manic Monday. All 80’s, all day long". So, maybe show tunes :-)