LS-50 Speakers (Passive)

No matter where I and a friend reads, most people are raving about the Kef LS-50’s (passive version).   However, sadly, neither one of us have heard them with no local dealer.  The best would be to evaluate them in our respective rooms as the room accounts for about 1/3 of the sound.

Moreover, I recently heard that the new LS-50’s ((passive) are not the same as the originals as Kef tried to save some money.  Is there any truth to this rumor?  I certainly hope not so I thought I throw it out there and see the response I get.

Thanks for your input....

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Completely agree with Helomech above. I run my LS50’s with $3700 SimAudio amp and pre plus $2k DAC. BASS is clean, taught and well controlled. Room is 10’ x 14’ x 8.5’. Go for it!