LS-5 quality against today preamps ???

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I'm about (perhaps) buying an LS-5, and I was wondering is that preamp is always a good quality unit, against what is constructed today.

To be more precise, I know the LS5 was a very GREAT preamp 10-15 years ago.
But is this always the case today ???

What about the LS5 against a today's Lamm LL2 for instance ?

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My opinion is that it is still an excellent-sounding preamp, though I personally think the Lamm is a slightly better-sounding unit, having the musicality that is the LS-5's strong suit but just a little more clarity, dynamics and low-level detail (going from long-term aural memory here; there are updates available for most ARC products that might improve its performance in these areas). Of course, the Lamm is a single-ended unit and the ARC is an all balanced design, so that might make up your mind about them. I will say that these two products are cut more from the same sonic cloth than one might think, given ARC's "high-resolution" reputation from its line of statement products. I'll also say that newer does not necessarily mean better in preamps--some of the finest circuits in preamps haven't changed for years, and the trend among a lot of manufacturers to dig out more and more detail does not always equate with more musical involvement. You just happened to pick as a modern example one of the few modern preamp/line stages out there that I think honors the music as well as the source feeding it.
I have an LS5MKIII which was modded with Infinicaps and also a removeable IEC PC. I tube rolled to Kevin Deal's type 3 6h23EBs.

Haven't compared to anything since I got it years ago but from what I read, it is highly regarded AND with my mods I think a step beyond that!

Bob Wood
My understanding is you want to make sure and get the LS5 MKIII not the earlier versions.

I would agree with rcprince:The LS5 will be a fully balanced design, whereas the Lamm preamp will be single ended and it has two volumn knobs (left/right) which might annoy you.