Ls 3/5a sound without the price.....

Looking for small monitor that emulates the classic 3/5...that is very open mid-band,lean bass, and slightly forgiving top end...contemplating Castle,Ruark, and usa made NSM model 5...
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Linn Kans, especially the originals at around $400 per pair used are exceptional.
Model 5 looks like it might be a good 'poor mans version'. If you can squeeze a little more its sister the Role Audio Kayak looks to fit the bill and then some.
I second the Kans, though the Linnes can drive up the price on these as well. Also, there is a pair of Spendor 1/5s on Audiogon now for $450. I've owned LS3/5as, S3/5as and the 1/5s; the 1/5s aren't quite a LS3/5a but come pretty close and a little more full sounding, being larger.

I've heard Kans and the Spica TC50's, I liked both but preferred the tighter imaging on the Spica's. Both are easy to accommodate in the room. I've seen older Spica's sell for around $250


Your idea about looking at Ruark is a good one. I've owned a pair of Epilogues and they're absolutely wonderful at the price. They're beautifully made, as well.
Nothing sounds like the LS3/5a's! Good news is they can be had used all day long for reasonable prices.
If you can afford it the new Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2 is very good. Most of the old time LS3/5a folks say they are the best ever. I love mine.

The BBC replaced their LS3/5's with dynaudioacoustic BM5's.
Might be worth a try and they are cheap as well.
If you like the LS3/5a, buy a used pair (about $600). The original Kans are the complete antithesis of the LS3/5a, despite their outward similarities!


Denon AU320
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Rogers LS3/5a
Almost nothing emulates an LS3/5a. I bought my first pair in 1976 and used them as main speakers more often then not until 2002. I have four suggestions: 1. Buy a used pair of LS3/5as; 2/ Spendor S3/5 or S3/5se, depending on your preference; Zu Tone; Silverline SR16.

The Spendor is as close as you can get to an LS3/5a without buying an LS3/5a, yet still it is decidely less "vintage." The Zu Tone shares the BBC monitor's pinpoint imaging and ability to disappear while offering more integrated transient consistency than the LS3/5a and 101/db/w/m efficiency to be useful with tonally superior SET amps. The Silverline SR16 is as close as you can get to an LS3/5a with greater powerhandling and some bass extension.

My upstair system is with the LS3/5a set up. So far, the only successful system which I was able to build to give me really more for everything the LS3/5a has is the Avalon Ediolon for my downstair set up. Ediolon is driven by a pair of MC-275 McIntosh in mono. The amps is paird with CAT Ultimate preamp. More details with spooky mids,wide sound stage and deep bass. It was painful for me to take couple of years to fine tune the final positioning of these speakers and also to adjust the acoustic of my hall, it is too highly sensitive speakers I ever experienced.