lps chamber music like the old digital early 80's

I really enjoy chamber music - especially on period instruments like Academy of Ancient Music, I Musici, and the English Concert (I have a lot of these on cd and some vinyl)

in the early 80's labels like Phillips, L'oiseau-Lyre, Archiv, and Angel had great recordings but touted their digital nature

is anyone doing chamber type music on vinyl these days in a nice analog format with brilliant recordings?
reissues or new recordings (later than the early 80's digital craze)

also any older recordings worth checking out on other labels?

I'm a sucker for cello, lute, bassoon, etc
enjoy sparse with nice interweaving playing
Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn, Handel, etc
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Audiotomb, two labels making current analog recordings of classical music and releasing on vinyl are Tacet and Fone. Both have fairly limited pressing runs and titles disappear pretty quickly. Classic Records was doing a series of symphonic music new recordings and releasing on vinyl. Beyond these, I've not seen any new classical music recordings released on vinyl.

Speakers Corner recently released several of the most well known recordings from the Harmonia Mundi label with The Atrium Musicae de Madrid conducted by Grégorio Paniagua: "La Folia," "Villancicos" and "Tarentule-Tarentelle." Outstanding recordings of pre-Baroque music.

Labels that made great analog recordings of music from the period of Bach, Telemann, Haydn, Handel (primarily in historically informed performances) include:


..Accent.. (some of the most natural sounding recordings of chamber music in my collection)

..Archiv.. (which went to digital early on. The recordings by Trevor Pinnock are all very good, even if digital.)


..Harmonia Mundi.. (the towering giant among record companies for music of the period your seeking with outstanding performers and performing groups)


All are well worth seeking out on the used market.
rushton - a very warm thank you from across the wire

I hear Tacet also does multi channel chamber dvda and sacd right

any online stores that specialize in chamber lps?

A lot more, smaller labels who cannot afford big advertisements. But their recording is good to magnificent!
Alpha, Mirare, Flora, Zigzag (the beautiful recording with period instruments of symphonies of Beethoven), Channel Classic (both period and modern instruments), Linn (both period and modern), etc etc.
Try www.preludeklassiekemuziek.nl, they have a lot cd's, only classical music performed with period instruments.
I am in no way affiliated with them.
Batalok, as far as I'm aware, none of the labels you mention are releasing any of their wonderful recordings on vinyl. I hope you can tell me I'm wrong and that they are issuing vinyl. Are they?
Alpha, Mirare, Flora, Zigzag (the beautiful recording with period instruments of symphonies of Beethoven), Channel Classic (both period and modern instruments), Linn (both period and modern), etc etc.
Hi Tom, you're very welcome.

For the new material, I track the announcements Elusive Disc and Acoustic Sounds of coming releases. Between them one will see pretty much any of the newly pressed vinyl.

For previously released material from used LPs, there are several regular sellers on eBay who regularly carry the kind of material in which you're interested, and their stock typically sells at reasonable prices. I can give you some names if you want to send me an email.

Also, there are several sellers with monthly lists of "set price" LPs. Two monthly list sellers from whom I've bought records for years are: Ars Nova (Paul Hartin) and Mikrokosmos (Peter Fulop). Both publish a new list as of the first of each month and I highly recommend them both.

Kind regards,
Sorry, there are no labels that produce classical music on vinyl nowadays. I thought you are looking for cd too. That is also frustrating to me (I am a vinyl-fan too),but the quality of the cd's is such that I can live with them (supposed you own a very decent cd-player).
Thanks, Batalok. I too am disappointed not to have some of the wonderful new performers available on vinyl.

Three small labels that are releasing new classical recordings on vinyl:

Tacet - the Beethoven series with the Polish Chamber Orchestra has been remarkably good.

Fone - see for example: Quartetto d'Archi della Scala or Salvatore Accardo - Bach: Partita II or Rossini Overtures

Classic Records - current series of performances with Pavel Kogan and the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, recorded by the remarkable Mark Aubort. See for example: Rimsky-Korsakov's "Sheherazade"
There are so many miraculous performances available already on Lp!

I can help you quite a bit. Chamber music on Vox can not only be stunningly-recorded, (look for Aubort/Nickrenz as sound engineers!) but the often no-name performers are excellent. One of my favorite Lp's of all time is a box set of Faure Chamber music on Vox. Look for it!

Older recordings on Decca by the groups: Vienna Octet on London, (with the FFSS label "Bluebacks") were expertly recorded and great performances. Chamber music on the Argo label (a Decca side-label) is also expertly-recorded and the performers are first-rate.
Add Groove Note to that very small list of high quality labels issuing some new classical recordings on vinyl:


I have not heard this, but if it's up to Ying Tan's usual standards, it should be very good sonically.
wow, thank you all for the great suggestions

not to dish on cd, but strings just don't sound right on redbook

looks like a lot of good music can be had rather inexpensively and I'm combing the bottom as we speak

thanks again and I'll look into the newer stuff as well
shame most of it isn't on lp
There are many, but here's a few random, obscure yet superb ones that are probably what you're looking for on vinyl. You may have to watch Ebay for a while to get some of them:

Gabor Janota (bassoon) with Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orch. - "Vivaldi Concerti for Bassoon, Strings, and Harpsichord". Fidelio FL-3305 There are also Janota records on Hungaroton that are fantastic, as well.

Reinhard Goebel w/ Musica Antiqua Koln - "Jean Marie Leclair Musique de Chambre Late Works". Archiv 2533-414 Virtually everything recorded by Musica Antiqua Koln is worthwhile!

Studio Der Fruhen Musik - "Camino De Santiago I" and/or "Camino De Santiago II". EMI Reflexe C-063-30-107

Bakfark Balint Lute Trio - Renaissance Music in Transylvania. Hungaroton SLPX 12047

Gothic and Renaissance Dances. an original Musical Heritage Society recording. MHS 761

Bertram Turetzky (contrabass) - "Dragonetti Lives". Takoma Records C-1042

Christopher Weait (bassoon) - "Four Centuries of Music for the Bassoon". Lyrichord LLST 7277 This is an amazing record - one of the best of many bassoon recordings I have.

Concerto Castello - "Kammermusik Am Hofe Kaiser Leopolds I.". EMI-Reflexe (digital but great) 1C-069-1466971

Loewenguth Quartet - "Beethoven Quartets Vol. II, Vol. III, and Vol. IV". Vox Records boxsets SVBX 543, SVBX 544 and SVBX 545 Incredible sonics and performance.
Go to http://www.acousticsounds.com and do a search for cello on vinyl. There are lots of great high quality reissues by Speakers Corner of RCA Living Stereo, Mercury Living Presence, and DG recordings. Many of these are iconic.

Take special note of the Bach Cello Suites as played by Janos Starker on Mercury Living Presence. It's a 3-record set and every professional review I've read indicates this is a superb re-master/reissue. In a perfect world everyone would have a copy. The $110 is worth every penny, especially considering that the mid-'60s mono ones go for $250-300 and the stereo ones for $750-1500. I have an original mono, but I'm seriously considering getting the Speakers Corner reissue at $110.
Opalchip, thank you. Nice list of LPs I do not have and will watch for!