LPs by Stone Soup/Carrie Newcomer?

One of my wife's favorite LPs (and a remarkable demo LP!)is the little-known "October Nights" on Windchime Records by the now-disbanded midwestern folk group Stone Soup, whose lead singer Carrie Newcomer now performs solo. Stone Soup made a previous LP called "Long Fields" I've never been able to find. Does anyone have any leads on this recording (or, for that matter, a back up copy of "October Nights"?). It would make my wife's year!

Carrie lives in my hometown. I will ask around and see if anyone carries this title locally. If I find someone who has it I will post the info.

Cheers, gb
Hi again,

Call All Ears (812-336-6465) and ask for Charlie. He says he thinks he may have a copy.

Good luck,
Thanks so much for the information...