LP12 with Linn Silver T-cable or Nordost Frey,Tyr

I am about to upgrade my Linn LP-12 cable. At first I was going to replace my old Linn T-cable with the Linn Silver T-cable? What do you think about Nordost Frey or Tyr? Will they fit? I have read somewhere that if you don't replaced it with another Linn cable you suspension will suffer because Linn cables are softer and more pliable. Have you heard this?

I have Linn silver interconnects to my Linto and the rest of my cabling is Nordost Frey.

I like blues, jazz, rock, classical and my system Linn LP-12, Ekos, Trampolin, Cirkus, Klyde, Lingo, Linn Ikemi, Sim Audio Moon P5 & W5, Nordost Frey, Linn Silver, PS Audio Power Plant Premier.
I bought one of these:


I am using it on my Basis 2001 with Graham arm. I had the Graham silver cable but like this one better. I have another currently in the mail from England for my Linn LP 12 I am upgrading with Sole sub chassis , new power supply etc. I am putting a Jelco 750 on it. This cable is very flexible and I am not worried about using it on the Linn. Very high quality workmanship and parts and great sound. He offers return privileges so you can't get hurt. No connection except as a very satisfied customer.
I am very pleased with th Van De Hul cable on my SME arm, not sure if they also fit the Ittok's I usually prefer copper over silver, its a little warmer sounding.
The Nordost tonearm cables are great. I have the Tyr (AVID). But for the LP 12 I would recommend the Audioquest Leopard. I used one when I had my LP12 and it was terrific. More flexible than the Nordost (better for the lP12 suspension). Also liked the DBS for a tonearm application.
I use a Nordost Heimdahl and really like it. When I owned an LP 12, I used a VDH Integration. It worked well.
It sounds like a good deal! How long before you get it and installed? I would be interested to know what you thought of it and did you have any problems installing it in LP-12?
It may be a while. A friend who is a semi retired audio technician is modifying the LP 12 for me and he does a very good job but has other activities as well. I have a Mose Hercules power supply, a Sole sub chassis, new springs, etc. and I don't want to try it myself. The designer of the cable made it to work on his own LP 12 so there shouldn't be any problem.
I really like the Nordost Frey line. The Audioquest Leopard you mention above how would you compare it to your Nordost Tyr?