lp12 w/ rega rb900 questions: all opinions, please

i currently have a rega p3 (2000 model) w/ a dynavector mkII and recently heard and fell in love w/ an lp12. i don't know what kind of upgrades or power supply, arm, etc that it had. i'm currently looking to buy an lp12 and put an rb900 on it, because i love rega tonearms and was wondering what kind of power supply/cartridge/upgrades would be necessary or recommended for optimal performance, within a semi-modest budget. should i keep my cartridge? i don't need to do all the upgrades now per se, and any and all input is welcome, including whether or not you think it would be worth changing tables at all. thanks in advance.

the rest of my system is all rega 2k model stuff.
LP12's have been in production for about 25 years, so it's hard to know what advice to give unless you know the vintage and mods that have been done. The value of the TT really depends on age, mods, and condition, both cosmetic and mechanical. Setup is also key to performance with the LP12, so it helps to have someone knowledgeable do it right.
Well, the RB250 is the best $200 arm, but if one wants to grow up, get a real arm with VTA adjust.

Search archive all over the place, but simply stated, the Rega no matter how it is modified, or changed, cannot match a Linn Ekos, or SME 5. It is just a fable.

This is from a guy that had 3 RB250 and tried various mods, but at the same time, I had many arms over the period (Ittok, Basik, Ekos, SME4, Grado Signature, SME 3009 MkII, SME 3012, Koetsu), and also worked on most LP12 permutations of power supply and subchassis.