LP12 Valhalla power - wood finishes

Hi - I have a LP12, Valhalla, Akito arm for sale and a potential buyer is asking me the finish. He's looking for a rosewood finish. To me, it doesn't look like it has enough red in it for rosewood, but I don't know. Was a rosewood finish available for this model? Was walnut? Anyone know? I am not going to tell him it is rosewood, but I don't know what it is. The item number is 1100872044 and has six pictures. Thanks! Rick
It's darker than my afromosia (sorry, might be spelled wrong). It looks the color of walnut. The grain looks the same as mine though. I would think that the buyer should simply look at the photos and decide based on the visual representation in the ad. If I were selling that would be my standard in order to avoid any conflict after it's left my posession. You might want to offer a picture taken in sunlight to help him decide.
Hi there,
I have 5 of these. It's Afromosia, no question.
The Wanut plinths are more of a yellow color with bigger grain, the Rosewood/Mahogany? are not fluted, or at least none that I have ever seen.
Afromosia ones can be light or dark depending on how much they have been exposed to direct sunlight.
Hope this helps.
There are many different type of Rosewood. There are some that have a lot of red in them and some that lean more towards brown. I have a pair of Soliloquy loudspeakers that use the brown rosewood. I just finished a project made from Bolivian Rosewood, which is brown; kind of like a very rich Walnut.