LP12 owners: Anyone try the Tiger-Paw Khan yet?

I just found about this today and think it would make a marked improvement over the OEM top plate. I wonder if it would if it wouldn't actually add more improvement than a Keel. In case you haven't seen it check it out at tiger-paw.com, my local dealer says it is $1200 plus installation.
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I use the Sole sub chassis and arm board; costs significantly less than that. Together with the Mose Hercules power supply completely transformed my LP 12. The Keel is just too high; Linn could make more money if they had priced it within reason.
I rebuilt my Sondek 12 last march 1st. Without a jig, yes, it took 10 hours, but saved me a 4 hour job @ 95.00 per hr. I have a custom plinth, which is not supposed to be as good. The hell it isn't. I had a Lingo, PS and replaced it with a Herculese II. The Lingo had more torque during start up, but as for it sounding better...BS!!!! The Valhalla PS sounded no different either. You can flatten the steel top plate if you want, but the top left hand corner still needs to be tight, that's why the plates are bent a little. You may be better off saving the money for cart. replacements or try a different cart for better sound. I even built another one with an all new Vivid system.. again no difference, although I'd stick with Linn parts if I built another. Best of luck.
Have not tried the Khan, but EVERYTHING that I have read says it is an improvement. The people on the Linn forum love it. Is it worth $1200, only you can answer that question.
Never tried the tiger-paw. Another intriguing "after market" upgrade is the subchassis made by Green Street Audio. It is a Klone that for 875 will compete with the "Keel" and leaves one wondering why anyone would pay retail for the keel.
I had a chance to speak with an owner yesterday at the dealer from which I purchased my LP12, and he told me 'he has gained much more bass and that the whole spectrum has a more noticeable clearity' he is using and Arkiv and had the same set up as me except I am using a Kleos. He was picking his LP12 up from just adding the Radikal. He and I both agreed that the Khan made more sense as an investment than the Keel. But We also both have it on our wish list. I really think this will be my next stepafter seeing one in person and reading a few reviews. Amazing that this TT just won't dies as long as Linn/Others keep seeking better ways to improve it. I doubt that Linn expected to be producing this after 40 years. Is there any other piece of audio gear that has withstood the test of time?
Yes, the Oracle Delphi.
I think Pasinee on utube has this on at least one of his Linns, if you want to hear it. You can look up linn radikal to get to Pasinee.
Everything sounds the same to Polk, no difference whatsoever on anything.
Any investment in a LP12 is useful at the beginning & useless overall.
Polk is experienced enough to know if something makes a difference or not. If you want to give Linn your money like a fool on things that won't make a difference go ahead. I'm smart enough not to that's all. Happy listening.
I forgot to mention that I do hear a difference in things. Like tube and ss. Death to ss. I did just get a Linn Classik for when I want to listen for short periods of time and not fire up my tube system. It's a nice unit with lots of functions, but really, I swear I can hear a difference between the two. I wouldn't lie about something so critically important.
Khan, Keel, Klone, etc... Do the Kardashian's lawyers know about this?
Ordered one today; had a long conversation with Roger. He is very knowledgeable and a joy to converse with. Will report on sound when I get it set up.