LP12 / EKOS Tonearm

I didn't get the manual with this setup, so I have a few questions. Having just purchased a few LP's, I'm trying to figure all this analog out.
The LP12 has a Red & Green light on the switch. I have never seen the green light illuminate. What is it for?
On the EKOS there's 2 dials, what's their purpose? They're both set @ 1.5

As always, thanks !!
Dear Giglr: here you can get some info:


Regards and enjoy the music.
if you hold the power switch down, the green light eventually comes on - and you're in 45RPM

2 dials = anti-skating and tracking force (weight, in grams)
With the Ekos no manual is provided and for the LP12 you can download the owner manual also from the Linn website (www.linn.co.uk)but is a very basic one. This is because the turntable is supposed to be installed by an authorizhed dealer that know how to set up it properly (and this is true for almost all the turntable). Of course you can learn how to do it by yourself but it will takes time, some appropriate tools and experience. From my understanding, it seems that you have no experience with an analog rig and it will be better if you can get some help from a good dealer or an experienced audiophile friend.
Good listening and welcome to the analogue world!

On the Vynil Engine website you can find also an unofficial set up manual made by a reviewer (forget the name at the moment)