LP12 Ekos/Helikon cartridge mounting

I'm currently using the Linn Arkiv. Wanted to change to the Helikon, but noticed that the ledes come from the Arkiv into the Ekos. Do I need to get a new set of jumpers since the Helikon doesn't have any emanating from it and the Ekos arm just seems to have bare metal mounts. How would I mount the Helikon onto the Ekos, in other words.
...that is pretty simple: get the leads from www.needledoctor.com. They probably have Cardas ones realy inexpensive $4 for all four and all gold-plated.
BTW Do you mean that the cartridge was soldered directly to the toneamr wires???
Called the "Tags" in Linn speak. Or commonly known as cartridge leads, cartridge wire, headshell leads.