lp12 ekoes troika vrs technics 1200 rb300 $1000+ca


im currently exploring the idea of modding a technics sl1200mk2 with origin live collar and rega rb300, $1000.00++ cartridge of choice. Poss shelter/lyra!?? Poss power supply switch! Im currently using linn lp12 ekoes troika and love the sound but hate all the fuss and set up etc etc. will going crazy on the technics bring to a good level? please advise.
Over in the Analog Reviews section is this review and long thread about the SL1200 Mk2. One of the respondents, Jdcook, installed an RB300 on an Origin Live Technics armboard. Scroll down to his posts on the subject where he also mentions some cartridges. He settled on a Clearaudio Aurum Beta. He tried an Ortofon OM40 and didn't like it nearly as much on the RB300 as the Clearaudio.

thanx for your responce but im wondering if i would get a great sound with a 1000.00 dollar or more cart with the rb 300 or wether it would just be silly?? thanx kindly
The 300 is a wonderful overachiever...Id put anything into it. ...mind the modifications..disuse the spring, dropped counterweight, rewire, etc.
Hello Riley, have you considered an Origin table? Very good sounding, simpler than the LP12, and not a culture shock sonically from the LP12.
i have not! I suppose that would be a natural approach. i will look into it. thanx Jay.
When I was considering that same question with my Technics SL1210, I was actually looking at installing an SME V onto the Technics. There are a couple of DJ companies that do these modification to SL1200's. If you are worried about the RB300 being up to the task, then step up to the SME armboard mod. Or get a Michell Technoarm or Origin Silver.

I decided I didn't want to work that hard with modifications and bought a Funk Vector (another completely different version of a direct drive output due to the three pulleys). My stock SL1210M5G with upgrade arm and cabling didn't let my Shelter 501 MkII $850 show it's best, when compared to my friend Audio Technica ML440a $99 cart, and hence why I was either going to change arms (I know you can do KAB damping and rewiring) and do the KAB powersupply mod to get the most out of my cart. My Funk Vector Table with the RB300 (bought a Michell Technoweight since the stock one sucks after using the Technics arm) was amazing step up from my SL1210M5G with the same cart and same phono preamp in my system and in my mind a giant slayer. Now I want to upgrade to the newer Funk Saffire so I can go up to a Graham Phantom Arm or a TW Acustic Raven One.

I still miss hitting the killer Start button on the Technics, and the non-audiophile speed strobes and popup drop light.. But now I can concentrate on finding new cool vinyl instead of tweaking.

The low start price and tweak ability (step by step) makes the SL1200 a winner if you can't go big (Throwing money at the problem doesn't mean you will get better results, my Funk has surpassed a lot of 5k tables and is a giant killer in my opinion like the Technics is in it's price range)
I think after your Ekos arm you'll be disappointed with a RB300 or any derivative of it. I have an RB300 with heavyweight and cardas rewire. It's good, and does justice to a $1000 cartridge, but I also have a Linn Ittok LVII, and prefer it in every way to the RB300.
thanx for all your input. I think your right about he technics inability to perform at a level that would be suitable to my ears after using an lp12 ekoes comboe. So now what??? The technics is just somthing ive had on my mind for a few years since i read a write in to hi fi news. The idea of all that convenience and simplicity all in on deck i suppose is nearly impossible given the diagreement to the ears. Perhaps i will look at doing it with an rb300, and shelter 501, but go the previously enjoyed rout. This might be what i need to do for some closure on the idea. I wouldnt mind a second setup for the basement at a cost of course. Thinking i should consider looking at an sme setup?? Or possibly an avid setup for my main listenning?? Thanx

thanx for all your input. I think your right about he technics inability to perform at a level that would be suitable to my ears after using an lp12 ekoes comboe. So now what???
If you put the Origin Live armboard on an SL1200, you're not limited to an RB300. You could use any compatible arm, which includes the JMW 9 and the other Origin Live tonearms. I'll bet the Technics with an OL Silver just kills. You can possibly improve sound and usability with the Pete Riggle Audio VTA-on-the-fly upgrade. But your post was talking about limiting outlay to $1K. For $1K you could get an SL1210 from Musicians Friend for $399 and add a heavily upgraded Origin Live OL1 tonearm. The Technics platform gives you great spinning precision and very low noise, better than you're going to find from any $400 belt-drive platform. I think you'd have to move up to at least a Funk Firm to approach it, though I'm speculating here.

Also, the Linn's strong suit is an isolating suspension. That's the Technic's weak point. You *have to* platform it properly to hear what it can do, which is considerable. I platformed mine for $70 total (brass cones + cutting board + Vibrapods).