LP ? Undersized spindle hole.

Brand new LP, struggled to get it on and off my VPI record cleaner, not close to fitting my TT spindle. What remedies to you use? Drill it out? What size bit?. I was thinking maybe a rat tail file, but I don't have one. Thanks in advance to any suggestions.
Use a sharpened pencil and go @ it gently.

It usually doesn't take much force.

wrap the record in towels with the hole exposed, insert in a vice, and use drill bit to make the hole larger.
Hand twist a 9/32" (=Size K) drill bit. You can easily do it with the record cradled in your arm.

When I ordered my first Mint Tractor by Yip i was surprised with

his request to provide him with exact dimension  of the spindle on

my turntable. I thought that they all were the same. This is not the

case. But I also noticed  irregular deviation by some LP's in their

center holes caused probably by melting process. Either the hole

need to be extended or plastic  remains removed.

@orpheus10 ,

You could not be more wrong.

There is a specific bit selling for around $8.Wow!

I use my Xacto knife to ream out the spindle holes.

Necessary....Yes!...Because of the lack of precision in the vinyl pressing process.

@slaw is exactly right -- use the Xacto and take it slowly taking care to remove the shavings as you go. Getting a drill anywhere near an LP is a recipe for disaster -- one slip and the whole thing is ruined, not to mention it is nigh impossible to ensure you have the LP centered.

btw the same method can be used to move offcenter LPs by expanding the center hole (assuming you use some sort of clamp to stop the LP wandering)

Regarding spindle diameters they do vary which is why both my alignment protractor (AS SmartTractor) and clamp (Durand) come with interchangeable spindle adaptors
Just push in a flat blade screwdriver thats bigger than the hole and rotate once. Blow off the chaf if any.

Medium grit sand paper on a tapered dowel will take care of this quickly and precisely if you keep the dowel at 90 degrees to the album. . 
When I worked in a machine shop (early '70s) I used something called a "ream". Metal like a drill bit but made to make a hole exactly the perfect size. Took off minimal material...
The hole is supposed to measure 0.286" + 0.001" -0.002". I would use a tapered reamer, like the first one, on the following list: https://fdtool.com/catalog/reamers/morse-taper-reamers-2/ Insert reamer until it touches(perpendicular to label/vinyl), then VERY GENTLY pressing in, turn one revolution on each side of the record. The object being: to remove a minimum amount of vinyl, from both ends of the hole. Try it on the spindle and repeat until it fits. That way there’s no chance of getting things other than concentric. Of course some records come that way(other than concentric). http://www.aardvarkmastering.com/riaa.htm
This question was asked in a post a few years back.
This was my solution at the time. Still is...

I've had quite a few new LPs with spindle holes that were a very tight fit and would bind on my VPI HW-17 RCM. The $12 answer was in my shop, a T handle reamer. You can pick one up on Amazon, see the link below. In almost ever case I think it was not a matter of the hole itself being too small, but just some residual flashing. This tool will take it out in no time. A word of caution.....apply virtually no pressure when reaming as the tool will cut vinyl like it's not even there and you'll end up with an oversized spindle hole. A very light touch is all you'll need, just let the weight of the tool do the work. Great tool with plenty of other uses.

What noromance said:  a flat blade screw driver.  Been using that method for many, many years when needed, and it worked well every time.
 Wow, appreciate all your responses. Think I will try an in house solution ( screwdriver) first, than get more ambitious ( reamer ) if need be. Again, thanks to everyone.