LP to CD transfer question...what is best?

I want to make unbelievable quality cd's of my lp collection...what is the best way? Currently i do well with my Pro-ject & channel islands analog rig into an M-Aduio 2496 pc card..my tower even sits on a vibration removing maple and brass spiked platform. Still i'm not producing cd's of the quality i want, yet when i listen through my monitoring headphones the dynamics and huge bass are there...so i think the music is on my hardrive good enough but even when i treat my blanks with mapleshade records Mikro Smooth & burn at 4x the dynamics are a bit lacking. is there such a thing as a high end computer cd burner?

Should i abandon the pc altogether and go with a standalone?

What about A/D converters...are those still around? I hear one may be necessary to get the dynamics i want.

I use WAV repair software for the transfer...it works really well.
Go with a standalone and connect the outputs of your phono stage directly to the burner's inputs. I just bought an HHB 830 Plus and I love the way it works. I can even add CD text to my discs. Be sure to use rewritable discs for your mastering. It even makes a very good CD player.
Alesis Masterlink 9600 produces red book quality cd's from your vinyl. It even will record in 24-bit.
The Alesis is great but, if you want to be able to play the discs in other places, CDs are easier.
I'm not sure what you're referring to, but the cd's I burn on my Alesis I use with my Meridian 508.24, my Kenwood cd player in my car, my Powerbook G4, and my Pioneer DVD player. I've never had any problems playing the burned cd's. Even friends who borrow them have no problems playing them. The only area that could present a problem is if the cd is burned in 24-bit, which isn't compatible with all cd players. But the red book versions work flawlessly and sound excellent.
Thanks for your responses, I am definitely gonna look into getting a master disk recorder like the alesis or maybe a cheaper one from tascam or hhb.
Mattcecil, you may go with HHB830, not Plus to save some cash. Available on ebay for $300-400.

For best results use slower (up to 24x) CD-R blanks or 4x rewritables.

This is an awesome product, DAC, ADC, player and burner, all in one. Also awesome for dubbing CDs.
My mistake Rosstaman. I missed the part about redbook.