LP To CD - Software & Equiptment

I have many outof print LPs that never made it to CD. I am looking to burn these to CD so I can extend their life while still enjoying them. I am looking for direction in software to transfer with a computer while addressing a few of them that (somehow) have gotten a little "pop & clickish". And a good CD burner that won't break the bank. I have one in my laptop but I question it's quality.

Thanks for any help
The Yamaha burners are really good. I have one that we use for mastering our Test CDs. They are under $300. As to the software CFB LP Ripper and LP Recorder are great. You may want to consider a high quality outboard sound card--just depending on how far you want to take things. We use an ESI U24 (24 bit 96 kHz conversion). If you already have a good sound card that may be a bit overkill (we know it doesn't actually deliver a full 24 bits anyway).