LP storage cubes

I'm looking for those stackable wooden cubes to hold LPs. Anybody know where to get them? A web search didn't turn up what I was looking for. (I did find one company but they had more of a furniture type thing than the basic cubes.) Thanks for any help.
Container Store carries various colored "milk crates" that are stackable cubes, although these are very informal and made of plastic.

Inexpensive wood crates were sold by LP stores such as Peaches records, that looked boxes for fresh produce.

If you must have deluxe beautiful wood cabinets, the link below will take you to a site that has them for LP, Laser, and CD. The drawback is that they are expensive (about $190.00 each).

Take a look @ tonyswoodshop.com. They have Cherry wood cubes for $25 each, plus shipping. Orchard and other home stores often carry particle board (assembly required) cubes ($10-$15), but I doubt that they will last the long haul, considering the amount of vertical weight that they will have to support. I will either go with Tony's or build my own shelving, with the help of my godson. We are going to store the LP's in a coat closet, so stability is more of an issue than looks.
Check Ikea also. They had these wood cubes that come with optional wheels. Prices varies depending on the finishes, somewhere between $20 - $30 each.