Lp's you'd like to see remastered

Eagles "The Long Run", I think this lp doesn't get it's due, to me there is a great argument for it being there best. Although they were to break up for the first time after this tour, they really brought it and I think it deserves the complete "audiophile" treatment, 180gr, 45rpm, (2)lp box. There, I said it.
Mars Bonfire/Faster Than The Speed of Life.
Yes / Going For The One
Shostakovich / Symphony #11 This one I just do not understand how Classic Records, Mobile Fidelity or several other labels have not reissued it. The only way it can be had is buy used. I have bought at least 6 copies and all have been scratched or the vinyl is poor. I like the music and still listen to it but I wish someone would reissue it the way it deserves.

Glad you asked slaw. I have had the same thought for years.
Well what a list I could make here but here is what comes to mind for the moment:
Doobie Bros: What were once vices are now our habits
Roger Waters:Radio K.O.A.S.
Pink Floyd: A momentary Lapse of reason
Grace Slick: Dreams
Justin Hayward/John Lodge:Blue Jays
Ray Thomas: From Mighty Oaks
Pete Townsend: All the best cowboys have chinese eyes
Jackson Browne:the pretender
Harry Chapin: Greatest Stories Live
Renaisance:Live at Carnegie Hall
David Knopfler:Lips against the steel
That should be enough for this month....
I should add Beacon Street Union/The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens.
I have a MoFi of "The Pretender". Does that qualify as remastered?
Quincy Jones - Walking In Space
Billy Cobham - Spectrum
Soundgarden - Superunknown
mt, didn't realize it was available. How much do you want for it?
eBay has one on MoFi Theo. MoFi Pretender
I just remembered, Rush "2112"!
ECM promised to reissue and remaster Arvo Pärt´s Tabula Rasa (that was the opening album of their New series) for it´s Anniversary, but still has not done so. I have not lost all my hopes, even tough the original is not bad at all.
Grace Slick: Manhole,almost un-listenable on the CD I own.This needs a major overhaul.

Bob Dylan: New Morning, I don't think anything can be done to improve this horrible recording of one of my all time favs.
Although they were digital recordings in the first place, I'd love to see someone do something with the DIW jazz catalogue. It was an 80's Japanese label that featured David Murray, among others. They're really good recordings, they're hard to find and they should be brought back to life.
ELO, "Face the Music" and "Eldorado", both good but they could have been great!

Thanx, Russ
Steppenwolf's Monster on CD. This CD was obviously mastered from an LP and doesn't sound very good at all. A shame because this is one great album.
Pretty much all of Todd Rundgren's solo output could use a thorough re-do.

Grand Funk Railroad "Phoenix", yeah!
UPDATE, I just downloaded a remastered copy of New Morning that is a great improvment over all the previous issues including the vinyl.
Roger Waters-Amused To Death
"Old and in the Way". Old and in the Way was a bluegrass supergroup in the 1970s. The group performed traditional tunes such as "Pig in a Pen" as well as bluegrass-flavoured versions of The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" and Peter Rowan's "Panama Red". The Mandolin violin and banjo are killer on this album.

Also Greg Allman's "Laid Back" solo lp.
Joni Mitchell, Song to a Seagull
Dave Liebman, Lookout Farm
pink floyd - the wall
Cream-Wheels of Fire
Chico Freeman, "The Kings of Mali".
The entire Ravel/Vox Box set remastered at 45rpm, or Bernstein's DGG Mahler 2nd, which sells for $300+ on Ebay. It's the best Mahler 2nd of all.
Neil Young: On the Beach
Hawks and Doves
Stars and Bars
The Stooges: Fun House
Sex Pistols
Van Morrison: "Moondance"
Theduke, You realise this lp has been reissued, and I assume remastered at least a couple of times lately.
If any of you have digital set ups, note that at least two of the above titles above have been or will be remastered. Three of Van Morrison's albums, including Moondance, were recently remastered by WB in Japan on CD and sound fantastic. Cream-Wheels of Fire is being remastered in October in Japan on SACD from Japanese tapes.
Thanks for the info, guys! I must pick-up a remastered "Moondance" cd.
I don't know if it would necessarily be remastered, but more Eva Cassidy on vinyl. Tell me Eva fans wouldn't plunk down $50
for Live at Blues Alley on 45rpm.