LP's and music at the recent NY Show

I was pleasantly surprised at the sound, vendors and overall operation of the recent New York Audio show. I also heard quite a bit of good music (mostly vinyl) both classical, jazz and rock. Can you tell me what your favorites were (Albums that is).


Rick (RWD)
I was not there but I would like to hear what vinyl you thought is worth owning.
Also your Infinity speakers are awesome. I have Ren 90's so I can only imagine what the RS's are like.
Thank you for your commet about the Infinity's. Yes, I enjoy them. I am just beginning to listen to "Romantic" Howard Hanson on the old Mercury Living Presence SR90192. Just finished listening to "Byrd at the Gate" Origional Master Recording.

The show's highlight for me was LLoyd Walker along with his room. Without question!!