LP Recording Distortions?

ok im new to the analog scene and what i got is a technics 1200 TT, shure m44 cart hooked to the phono pre amp of my rotel integrated, ive noticed that when i listen to my lp's they have a pronounced "ssss" sound especially with vocals and cymbals, it kinda sounds strained, so is this normal with vinyl recordings? or do i need to change any of my equipments? any input will do coz its making me crazy!
Dear John: It seems like the cartridge set-up is out of target: VTA/VTF/ASK.

You have to check the VTA doing little changes on it and hearing what happen, the same for the VTF.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Besides checking and experimenting with the cartridge/tonearm's physical configuration settings, also check the electrical load requirements. Phono cartridges are sensitive to the input capacitance of the phono preamp so you may want to try some different settings. These are generally in the 100 to 500 picofarad range.
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well seeing as im new to this, the TT i have has so many adjustments that i dont know how to do it, my shure cart is brand new, its for DJ applications, i dont know if that has anything to do with it, anyway any websites i can check out regarding vtf, vta adjustments? all these things are greek to me, thanks for all the replies
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Could also be used vinyl if you by used you are at the mercy of others poorly set-up and just plain inferior turntables that just beat the crap out of the grooves.