LP Record Cleaning Machine - Ultrasonic or Vacuum

I am new to analog and am considering to get a record cleaning machine. There are some comments that the ultrasonic may damage fine patterns oinside the tracks of old records and resulting in lost of high frequency extention. Would anyone have any comments or experience on the issue.

Thank you in advance for your responses.
It was this one, or something very similar

on ebay - Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner 6L - I don't know if the 60Hz would make any difference. This one works fine at 40Hz

I use the Spin Clean, and provide the ultrasonic part with my own loud self satisfied humming caused by my joy in not having spent a pile on an expensive cleaning machine.

I have the Klaudio. I chose it over the Auto Desk for 2 reasons- reported issues with early AD machines and the requirement to purchase their cleaning solution and maintenance parts. The Klaudio needs only RO (or distilled) water which I have in my kitchen anyway. Very quick and easy and no cost to dump and refill as necessary.
I just purchase Klaudio Ultrasonic machine. I have the Nitty Gritty 1.5 Fi and the Spin Clean cleaners, I like both machines but i really want to try the ultrasonic method. I also tried steam cleaning but I could not detect any difference in steaming or using the nitty gritty or the spin clean. I am waiting to see what the Klaudio does when it arrive. I will be listing the others soon.
Friends and I recently had a room at RMAF where 95% of the records played had recently been cleaned with a borrowed AudioDesk machine. I know very little about the machine or its manufacture, but I do know that the room was well-received overall by reviewers and listeners alike. One reason, no doubt, was that the records played beautifully without noise or other distracting artifacts.

In my opinion, ultrasonic is an excellent choice. Which ultrasonic path to take is for you to sort out. I plan on building my own just because I'm reasonably handy that way.