LP Recommendation Alan Parsons Project Pyramid

Can anyone make a recommendation for a high quality pressing of this LP? I found this one on Music Direct:


Is this a good version to buy?
The original Canadian Arista labelled pressings can be quite good (deep groove) but also a bit crackly. I own multiple copies of that issue, 3-4, I dunno... and maybe 8 of the original Arista I Robot. And 1-2 each of the rest of them, of course. But the only one I actually enjoy from start to finish is I Robot. (one could find them for a buck each, for the longest time)

Consider mine to be a side comment, as I’ve no idea what a 180g copy of this album would sound like.

Very very white. No jive, no funk, etc. I’m white, so I’m allowed. But not always willingly. ;)
The best version I have heard of this album is a Japanese import pressed by
Nippon Phonogram Co. Ltd. Catalog # 25RS-69 I have 2 US Arista Original Pressings and the Import kicks there collective ass up and down the block. Nippon did quite a few Alan Parson Recordings. The Nippon pressing of Turn of a Friendly Card by Alan Parsons is just as good. I stumbled on to 5 Nippon Pressings of their first 5 albums in the used bin and scooped them up. I have a MFSL copy of I Robot and a Nippon pressing and the Nippon pressing is better.
Hope this helps.
Hi guys and sorry mgattmch for "I Robot" emphasis here, no wonder it´s Parson at his finest really, and Pyramid comes just behind. 

I also have both Canadian Arista (I Robot AL8-8040) and they sound excellent, at least. I sold my MFSL ´cos it wasn´t much better than this Canadian but it was ages ago... to fund a super MM cartridge (heh), don´t miss it anyway. I also had an original UK but to my great surprise it didn´t surpass the Canadian. Btw, I´m not excited about the original UK "Meddle" by Pink Floyd either, Japanese originals beat it hands down. Sorry again for off-topics, but this is truly a great interest for both Parsons and Pink Floyd fans as he obviously were inspired by them in so many ways.