LP plays way too softly

When it first came out, the eponymous Mr. Bungle album was only available on CD. It is one of my most raucous and loud cd's. And I love it.

So when it came out on vinyl some months ago, I rushed to buy it. And when I crank the stereo to "10," it sounds like I'm playing it a "2" or maybe "3."

My vinyl rig always sounds a little softer than cd's but nothing like this!

I have a Helikon in an LP12 with a Tom Evans Groove, going into Cary SLP-05/MB500's and Aerial 9's. CD is a ModWright Sony.

Most albums are capable of rocking out the house (assuming they are rockin' to begin with), but this album ought to be capable of superloudness -- otherwise it just doesn't sound right.

How could this happen? Has this ever happened to you? Is it some screwed up remastering? Why would a loud band rerecord softly?

As you can see, I am at a loss. Your help would be gratefully appreciated.

I've got an original pressing from '91 and it seems like it plays at a regular volume. I haven't listened to the repress. Don't know what the problem can be.
I use Argo but used to have Helikon. For budget reasons I downgraded to Argo and noticed hat it 'rocks' harder and faster than preious Helikon just by being sligtly noisier.

Another reason might be late presing vs early one. That's where they're all would sound soft.