LP management software

Can anyone recommend a good vinyl management system? I have seen a few online, but am not overly impressed.

Your thoughts please.......
Since most vinyl have a CD version, you might use one of the CD data bases, to speed you management. The are very hand y to get track information. Otherwise, its best to just use an Excel program. Also, hire a high school kid over the summer to do the entry work, there cheap and accurate.
I find that using an Excel spreadsheet and modifying it in columns with the info you want, like Genre, Artist, Title, Record company, Album number, and Misc info like Remaster or who it was pressed by etc. works for me. I have around 1650 albums in my database and antoher one for around 600 CD's.
Google Drive. Create spreadsheet. Tap to speak relevant information ex.: Band | Title | etc... Works flawlessly.

Just speak data into my phone (Nexus 4) or tablet (Nexus 7).