LP mailers

Does anyone know where I could get good mailers for LP records?Would appreciate your help.
Quite often, they can be found on ebay, in the used records section, along with inner and outer sleeves. There are a couple of different kinds, and they may offer more or lesser protection, and have different mailing weights. They commonly are about 50 cents each.

When I mail records, I use Postal Priority Mail, and they provide a free box. It is exactly the right size for a record, but you have to use filler, unless you are shipping about a dozen at a time.

I just received a shipment of 50 mailers from ECONOBOX and I'm really pleased with them. They have a variable depth from 1/2" to 2" and are 12 1/2" square. The part number is VDF-06. The following prices do not include shipping:

Less than 100, $1.06 each
100, $93.00 per hundred
250, $80.40 per hundred
500, $73.30 per hundred
1000, $66.60 per hundred

Toll free # is 888-326-6629
Online ordering is available @ www.econobox.com

This is a West Coast business (Washington/Oregon) and makes sense if you live west of the Mississippi River.

I would be glad to send you a couple of photos if you wish. Just email me through AudiogoN.

As Lugnut above shows, better quality boxes cost a little more, but may be worth it to protect the records in shipment. The 50 cent ones are kind of flimsy.
check out
Thank you very much.I'll check those two places.In fact, I don't need many,20-30 maybe.
i also re-use the good quality lp mailers and store them in case if i want to sell.
OK, let me be a crook charging for packaging but that's my own problem got it?:-)
I second http://www.bagsunlimited.com. Good prices and great service. You can get other LP mailing supplies there too.