LP made from a digital master recording...

The digital vs. analog thoughts, even debates I can understand...when the analog LP is from analog masters.  When an LP is pressed using a digital master recording as the source, does that LP still have an analog advantage?   
Some of us own and push the envelope with both analog and digital formats and by both I mean vinyl, tape and high end digital.
there are hardcore in every corner, but some of us can occupy all three corners and understand relative strengths and weaknesses ego and cognitive dissonance free. Those who dismiss a format out of hand are ignorant, deaf or worse... just blowhard big ego getting in the way of a lot more accessible world class music.
iF you have an excellent DAC, night I suggest some 2L ( the Nordic sound ) downloads and the corresponding vinyl album from them. Make up your own mind , blowhard free
grammy winners
find me a blowhard on this thread with chops to match 2L and the steak dinner is on me....
The analog from a digital recording will often contain the full data from that recording (apart from RIAA compression, but we all know that), whereas you might end up with a more compressed version of the digital file, thus losing information. That’s not quite what the OP asked but an important concern. If you can get the digital at full resolution and have equally resolving equipment (how could you objectively determine that?), there is no difference—at least the handful of times a dealer has demo’d that for me, my ears couldn’t hear a difference. 
Here’s a problem still—I have no desire to purchase high-resolution files and then store them at home. That means that I am limited to Tidal or Qobuz. I believe that there’s sometimes distortion or lossiness in the streaming process/modem issues, bandwidth, etc, so that the same digital streamed file will sound different at different times, even if it is occurring at the purportedly same bit rate. 

1979. Rise. Herb Alpert. 

The first track is analog mastered. All the remaining tracks were digitally recorded on 3M’s new 32 bit mastering system. 

I have the original vinyl pressing. 10 years later, in 1989, I bought the CD.

The LP is far superior than the 16 bit CD.

Ive seen this over and over again, back during the time when vinyl was mastered, cut, and pressed properly, that the vinyl produces a superior experience over digital. Digital is easy, no work. Vinyl is an art form.

Another example: Linda Ronstadt’s 3 albums she recorded with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra in the 1980s. All 3 vinyl LPs sound far superior to the CD versions. Also, her 1989 album with Aaron Nevill; the LP is far superior to the CD version. All digitally recorded. Artisans mastered the vinyl, flunkies mastered the CDs.

How about we fast forward past 1985 ?

see for example the recent Macy Gray and Amber Reubarth....