Lp labels that are cool, nostalgic?

If you're like me, you play only lps and are "in to", everything vinyl.

What labels strike you as: cool, or very nice?

The Rare Earth lps have a nice, nostalgic look that brings back pleasant memories to me.

In regards to modern day lps, the label on the Peter Wolf lp from a few years ago, strikes me as pretty cool.

What are some of yours?
I've always liked the quasi-"runes" on the Prestige label. Don't know whether they actually have any meaning, but they're cool.
Not an LP label,but a 45 label Demon Records of the 50s-60s.Their motto "The Highest in Fi".
I always liked the original two-tone Atco label that I had on Disraeli Gears and Wheels of Fire, it looked so cool going round on the table. Why they changed to the all yellow version around 1970 I do not know. Maybe Ahmet Erdogan thought they were too pychedelic? At least for some bands Atlantic then started the custom label graphic thing, as with Yes' Tales From Topographioc Oceans.

One of the most boring labels was the Fantasy records label on my Creedence records. Also, A&M.
Steve if you think the Atco label looks good spinning check out the late 60s Vertigo (UK) pinwheel.There's an ESP disc of Charlie Parker airchecks that has a hand above the spindlehole an an egg below,It looks crazy going round.But for sheer craziness I would have to nominate a japanese Stones LP that has a buff bodybuilder on the label,the spindle comes through supplying his "thing" and the LP comes with a small condom.Seriously, could I make this up?
I liked the Capitol Records multi-colored circle. Not much too it but it was cool. And it looks great spinning on the TT.
Yes, I was going to mention the original Capitol label too. The 70s era Atlantic label has always been a looker too. Apple wasn't bad either, when I first saw the White Album in 1968 I remember thinking how cool. And you knew which side was which instantly.

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