LP jackett maintance and fix?

I would like too get in to a tread that I am not to sure anyone ever started or even had spoken about, and that is the fixing of torn record jackets with proper maintance of them, and not the LP itself which has been spoken about much here. I have found by using a pledge type of spray wax, helps greatly in the cleaning and the bringing back of that lost luster with many lament type jackets. I have heard that glass wax is also a fine product for this use, and for torn and seam splits white glues such as sobo work very well and fast. I'm sure there is an audiogoner who works in the resturation of books and documents, who might guide us with the use of better working materials.
For 'non-slick' covers I use packing tape which I 'desticky' some and then apply to the surface to lift dirt. If the tape is still too sticky your cover gets trashed! I would try "Post-It" notes on really valuable non-shiny covers.
For 'shiny' covers I use Maguires Scratch-X rubbed into a paper towel, then applied by rubbing the towel on the LP cover surface.
For splits om the edges, best practice is to leave them alone, and store the LP outside the jacket with both in a clear plastic sleeve.
Elizabeth I thank you for your response. I wish more would respond to proper maintenance of album covers with their input. I would only disagree with you as far as not fixing the seam splits, They just get worse over time.I usually run a bead of sobo white glue over the seam top holding the seams together and wait about 4mins and all is done.
There's a tutorial on Ebay.....

Interesting topic,any ideas ,suggestions on how to get rid of cigarette odors?I bought used records they look good but they smell nasty.
cigarette odors: Interesting you should mention this. I was in a thrift some months ago and ran into a gentlemen perusing the Lps. We got on the subject of water damage Lp jackets and he suggested to rid them of that mildew odor he would use spray under arm deodorant. I would try light sprays with Lp out of jacket and see if you notice an improvement.
For seam splits try taking a thick piece of construction paper and cutting about 2" wide by 12" and folding it in half lengthwise. Then apply a light coating of Elmer's glue and carefully insert it inside the jacket and up tight into the seam. Be careful to not use too much glue and maybe some wax paper inside until it's dried. Not much you can do for the outer appearance, but you will have stopped the split from getting worse.
I have had success getting rid of cigarette odor on LP jackets by "sealing" them up in a tupperware type container for a few days with an open box of baking soda. A spritz of Febreeze before sealing up will also help the really bad ones.
What smells like cigarettes is the residue on the jackets. Spraying more stuff on them doesn't work for me. Wiping them with baby wipes to clean the crud off does work most of the time for me.
I am going to try this suggestion,it sounds like it should work.I know baking soda works in the fridge to eliminate odors.
For split seams,even though I have no experience with this ,I thought maybe the hot glue sticks might be of use.I glued carton to make boxes with a hot glue gun,and boy does it ever hold!!!! super strong.