LP Gear Replacement Stylus for Ortofon Super OM20 Cartridge?

Does anyone have experience comparing the LP Gear version vs. original Ortofon stylus.  
Suspect I am better off going with the factory original.  On the other hand, for the same cost, I could pick up the LP Gear om40/shibata stylus for the same cost.
Also, does anyone know if the market has been infiltrated with counterfeit goods when it comes to "factory original" replacement styli?  Reliable vendor suggestions welcomed.
I don't think original Ortofon is difficult to find, so why do you think about LP Gear ? Buy original ortofon stylus for your cartridge. 
the 0M40-30-20 stylus is a nude lightweight unit, ie, thin walled alloy cantilever with nude mounted stylus. lower mass. Cleaner sound, less masking distortions...

It’s why they may both be a refined stylus type but the OEM Ortofon OM version is approx $100 more. (At the LP gear website proper)

The proper OEM OM40 stylus is a Fritz Gyger type whereas the LP gear version is a smaller (version) shibata. There are two shibata stylus sizes. It is, additionally, debatable if the stylus sizes for the two shibatas make much of a difference. IIRC, we don't see much in anyone making the larger shibata stylus these days?