LP for fathers day ideas please............

With fathers day coming up I want to get my dad a new album, he has over 3,000 but hasnt purchased a new one since CD'S came about. He plays records daily and with his new cart and pretty new system I want to get him something dynamic and engaging, he has 6000+ cd's so he will likely have most anything in his collection (Classical, Opera, and World music), For background he studied the Pipe Organ for years so something with Organ or just great Classical is my goal and around $30-$40 so I am asking for ideas because although I have a few hundred Classical titles I am nowhere near compitent enough to guess what is good by names so plesse help! cheers
You might want to check out the acoustic sounds or music direct recommendations. Those seem to be pretty good. If it wasn't classical I would say Mugh Masekela's Hope, an absolutely fantastic 45 LP.
whats that album all about music wise? Thanks
Hi Chadnliz
Try and find one of the Stockfish records - maybe even the sampler/compilation. Dynamics are awsome. Maybe not classical but...
There is a Marcel DuPre Organ Recital available on a Speakers Corner reissue of the Mercury Living Presence vinyl that should impress your father in both music and sonics.
Hugh Masekela's Hope is what I would call blues/jazz world music. Hard to describe but it is great. The LP probably is the best recording in terms of fidelity that I have ever heard and the music is awesome. I am pretty sure you both would have great fun sharing that LP.
Thanks everyone as always.
I grew up with a bit of a classical background myself, though I gravitated toward jazz and of course a lot of great rock and pop music came along in my teens (Beatles, Stones, Who, Beach Boys, Cream, etc.).

But I'll tell you what I want for Father's Day, and it's THIS, the 45 rpm vinyl LP of Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt's "A Meeting by the River."
Chad, the "A Meeting by the River" could be an excellent choice for
several reasons. I've not heard the vinyl version but have owned the CD for
many years and expect the LP is even better. Even on CD, the sonics are
wonderful (thanks to Kavi Alexander). The music is what must be classified as
World Music due to the Indian influence; it is rhythmic, detailed, percussive, and
intricate with exciting interplay between Cooder and Bhatt. Finally, because it is
out of the realm of what your dad typically listens to, it is almost certain he does
not have it on CD.

And I should ad that everyone I've played it for has enjoyed it.
Good ideas and thanks!
Even if he does have Meeting by the River on CD the LP will be welcome. It's only
freshly out on CD as Kavi gave up putting out vinyl just about the time that
recording was released, bad timing I always thought. I have one or two Of his
recordings on both formats and the vinyl is easily superior, surprise surprise.

...and second Hugh Masekela.
Today is father's day ! So what did you offer to your daddy ?
My daughter offered me " l'histoire de Melody Nelson" from Serge Gainsbourg.
I am a very happy father!
It was a very nice thread.
oops. I meant "freshly out on LP" of course...
Quizzz: how many fathers receive an audiophile LP for father's day in the world?
Sorry but the 15th is Fathers Day, but you must be such a great father yout kids couldnt wait! Seriously I have not made up my mind but I am sending something and appreciate all the ideas.

Fathers Day in the USA is the 15th but In Lithuania, Austria and Belgium it's the 7th or 8th. Maybe Jloveys is an Audiogon member from there.

The good news? If you miss buying dad a gift on the 15th in the USA, the 17th is correct for El Salvador and Guatemala, or you can choose anywhere between June 23rd and December 5th, claiming Fathers Day for anywhere between Poland to Thailand.

Think of it as a way to never be too early or too late.
No globalisation with father's day ! It is today here in Belgium and my new album is wonderful. I have a very cool family, living with tons of LP's all over the place and postman ringing for e-Bay delivery all day long must be difficult sometimes!
Sorry I didnt know the Global schedule :)
It seems like these other countries should sync with the USA on these types of holidays. What if your dad lives in Belgium but you live in the USA, it would be a complete mess. :)

Chad, let us know what you got and how your dad liked it.
So why should other countries sync with the US? Did this idea come from the egocentric Bush Administration? If this truly presents a problem, why not select a new date for everyone?

Back on topic, Chad it will be fun to hear what you chose and your father's reaction.
I put my money where my mouth is and ordered the 45 rpm "A Meeting By the River" from Acoustic Sounds (for my own Father's Day present) not long after I posted the suggestion. From the reviews and excerpts I've read, it sounds like this may be one of the best-sounding LP/EPs out there, ever! On top of that, I've heard the CD and like the music. I've been a Ry fan for over 30 years.
Well as many know I am on fixed income so I may send him some Direct to disc albums I just purchased used in premium condition, it probably sounds cheap but its what I can do with all the economy issues........5 albums is better than 1 right? I will clean them on VPI and send them off...........if I can afford a new album I will let everyone know what I went with and as always, thanks!
Pryso, regarding:
So why should other countries sync with the US? Did this idea come from the egocentric Bush Administration? If this truly presents a problem, why not select a new date for everyone?

If you look, Maineiac ended his comment with :) This is what's known as a "smiley face." indicating to readers he was making a joke. I seriously doubt anyone in the USA thinks the rest of the world should celebrate Fathers day based on our calendar.

I'm the one who knew the different dates for Fathers day and called attention to it in this thread.

For many years my wife and I travelled all over Europe and even to Hong Kong and China for vacation. It was easy then, no security issues, we were young and she's an airline employee making it affordable.

Now that we have our son in college and travel is a hassle, we no longer travel like we once did. Speaking for just myself, I love the people, customs, art and food of all the places we visited.

Please remember too, the USA is relatively new.

All of us arrived here just a few generations ago, many from Europe, perhaps even from your home town :^). (My version of smiley face, and no joke).
Hi Albert:

You are correct, I missed the"smiley face". To make a face, I expect a nose to be included, such as: :-) or :^) I blew right past the :)

But I also missed the point of your other comments. I certainly applaud your interest and acceptance of other cultures outside the USA. It seems we are saying similar things but in a different way. I was just expressing my frustration with the loss of regard held for America as a result of our Administration's "my way or the highway" attitude toward the rest of the world.

But I probably should not have made any comment since I do not believe it is appropriate to start political discussions within audio sites. 8^)
Well, I took delivery today on the 45 rpm LP version of "A Meeting By the River." And I have to say it is an absolute treasure in every way--performance, recording, and mastering.

If more records had been mastered and pressed like this in the '60s, 45 rpm would have become the standard, and the buying public would have LAUGHED at the thought of migrating to CD. When I drop the needle on this one, Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt are *in da house!*

I have some very fine 33-1/3 rpm direct-to-disc LPs, but this Analogue Productions 45 rpm reissue is the sonic jewel in my vinyl crown. Almost any other record in my collection is a sonic letdown after playing this.

Analogue Productions is in the process of re-issuing 25 Blue Note classics as 45 rpm 180g 2-disc sets. Artists include Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly, Grant Greene, Kenny Burrell, Elvin Jones ... I may have to get a vinyl 2nd mortgage.