LP flattening service?

  Has anybody used a flattening service for LP's? I only saw one I think here in the US.I saw for $119.a record flatten rig but wonder if safe.The other place $10. a LP plus shipping.Looks safer to have it done on expensive machine.I just got a sealed 4 box set from 56 years ago that are warped but unplayed.
Hi playpen,

I run the record cleaning service Record Genie using highly regarded Audio Desk and Klaudio ultrasonic record cleaning machines, and also offer a flattening service using a Furutech DF-2 machine.

I knew I wanted one of the Furutech machines, but since they are so expensive at $2500, I originally purchased a couple of sets of $100 Vinyl Flat "plates" to be able to flatten some records in my collection, and customer’s records, but I found the results using their "heating pouch" to be disappointing, and our oven doesn’t go low enough, so I never offered the service to others.

The Furutech flattener I now have is automated, with precise temperature control throughout. I watched the display with interest when I first got the machine, and the cool-down step takes longer than the heating! Aside from cleaning time, each record takes anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 hours in the Furutech machine for the complete heating and cooling cycle, depending on pressing weight and warp severity.

I charge $20 per record, plus shipping. $5 of that covers double-cleaning (important to only heat clean records) plus $15 for the actual flattening process. I only charge the $15 flattening part if a record is significantly improved.

I’ve seen a good success rate of getting records perfectly flat, or very close, even with severe warps, but there is no guarantee that a record will be improved. Although I’ve only seen this once (when a record developed a skip) there is always a chance a record may be damaged by the heating/cooling process.

I don’t know anything about the $10 service you mentioned, but there is an eBay seller offering flattening service using the same $2500 Furutech DF-2 machine I have. They charge $25 per record, plus shipping.

I don’t know how other services pre-clean before flattening, if they also have ultrasonic cleaning equipment. I’m sure getting the records clean before heating them is an important part of getting the best end results.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
  Thank you Dave,I posted a response but it never went through.I will go through my collection and get a few together for flattening.