LP 'deep groove' - any implications on cartridge?

When looking at some of the LPs out there I see that some of them have 'deep groove' in the description. I assume that 'deep grove' means what it is, but my question is rather about if there are any restrictions on the type of the cartridge that I should use for these LPs. Or can you say that some specific cartridge is better suited for 'deep groove' than the other if this makes sense?
Thank you
Actually Deep Groove relates to the pressing era and the fact that these early LP's had a deep groove in the label area, nothing to do with the playback groove. They are indicative of very well done original LP's, mostly know for original Blue Note Deep Groove as opposed to the many re-issues.
Davt is right on.
However, the OP question is vaid, as many older pressings clearly have 'deeper grooves' than 1970 and later pressings. As for buying used LPs.. One can assume 1950's and 1960's era LPs had the 'worst' wear early on, but mostly with heavy spherical tip stylii. Or at best eliptical. So now using a line contact will allow one to hear 'around' the worn part, and has 'as new' groove surfaces to use.
As for those Lps with grooves so shallow they look as if the grooves are barely there..?? (Dynagroove LPs come to mind...)
Davt, Elizabeth,

Thanks much for the responses. It helps.