LP Deadwax marking guide/database

Is there some sort of guide (online database) that lists deadwax markings for 1st pressings, ect for popular music groups of the 60's, 70's ? That could be really helpful when it comes to buying used records off ebay and such when looking for first pressings. TIA
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On audio asylum there is a thread called something like "hot stamper secrets revealed". It lists markings in the deadwax that often correlate with good sound. I find it to hold pretty true. Big ones are RL(Robert Ludwig), LH(Lee Hulko), GK(Gilbert Kong), KP(Ken Perry), GP(George Piros), BG (Bernie Grundman) and on the capital label Wally. Also copies marked with Sterling, Kendun, TML(The Mastering Lab) and Masterdisc tend to sound better. You can't really discern any of this from on line photos though. Also, the Goldmine guide will tell you which label colors are first pressings which often, but not always, sound better. Good luck.
Thanks Sonofjim...Helpful info.
The following thread at the Steve Hoffman Forum contained pictures and identification of quite a few deadwax inscriptions: