LP Analog to Digital File using Schiit Audio JIL ADC

I purchased a Schiit Audio JIL ADC with the thoughts of converting some (certainly not all) of my LP collection to digital files. If you'll look at the specs of the JIL from their site (  https://www.schiit.com/products/jil ) you'll see that there are 3 selectable sampling rates available: 48, 96, and 192kbps. My intent is to use the latest release of Audacity on a Windows 10 laptop to capture the USB stream. Anyone here having success with this setup?
I experimented exactly once to see what my results would be. Let's say it wasn't good. At all. I went back to check settings in Audacity and found that I'd forgotten to change the sampling rate from the default 44.1kbps whereas the rate on the JIL was 48kbps. To my mathematician mind, that alone could have been responsible for the "not good" results.
I'm certainly open to suggestions. All my other Schiit Audio equipment is wonderful, I expected my results to exceed my expectations. They didn't, so I'm guessing seriously bad user error here. HELP!!!
Make sure your laptop is fast enough to capture the data streaming otherwise it’ll drop data.
Have you looked at the help files?
Check settings.
Are you playing through Audacity? Try exporting the raw WAV file and playing that to check quality.
The laptop should be capable of capturing the stream, but who knows? Is there a way to know for certain? There's also a chance that I had the levels too high which would have caused clipping. Hey, this is all new to me! I haven't tried to copy from one format to another in 30 years when I last copied LPs to cassette tapes. This is exactly the same but completely different. ;^)
I recorded the USB output of the JIL using Audacity in the laptop. I then exported the raw WAV file to my main PC and used MusicBee to play it. "Awful" is being kind. ;^) Thank you for the link. I'll review it immediately. I've got over 10,000 wav tracks in my MusicBee database and they all sound great. I created those by ripping my own CDs to lossless wav files using MusicBee. I gave up on Windows Media Player almost two years ago.
Pretty sure the sample rates need to match on the Schiit and Audacity. Try also experimenting with 192Khz to see if you get better results
Thanks, #bstatmeister. I need to get busy and start experimenting. I'll try the 192kHz. I appreciate the assistance, and I'll report back once I try again with more care given to match the sample rates.