LP 12 Origin Live DC motor upgrade

I'm going to upgrade my LP 12. I currently have the Valhalla power supply, but I'm considering a Lingo or the Origin Live DC motor upgrade. Has anyone ever compared the two? I'll also have my Trioka rebuilt. Should Linn or someone else do it? Thanks for the help.
I can only tell you what I've read from others, because I've not listened to either of these myself. You may have read the same things. I've read that the Lingo is controversial for not sounding that much better, and throwing alot of hash out on the powerlines. I've read that the Naim Armageddon unit for the LP12 does better than the Lingo and does not pollute the AC lines. I've also read that the Origin Live DC motor kit is better than all of them. I cannot verify any of this info, so it must be considered hear-say, but I have read this stuff in a couple of places. My personal opinion is that DC motors, if done right, sound better than the AC synchronous ones. Especially if you use battery power.
I too have heard really good things about the Orgin Live. I havne't heard it myself, but if I was to upgrade my LP12, I would very seriously consider the Origin Live.
I had considered the Origin Live motor upgrade? for my Linn LP12(I already use the Origin Live modified Rega 250 tonearm with outstanding results). The reason I question this DC motor as being an "upgrade" is for the following reason. While the DC motor may be a bit smoother running, the pitch accuracy may be more difficult to regulate vs that of the A/C synchronous motor. This is of greater importance to me personally than the slightest bit of motor "coloration" caused by the A/C motor. The A/C motor has the advantage of running at the speed of the frequency being fed to it, regardless of it's temperature, but unfortunately the DC motor is subject to pitch changes as temperature, load and other variables beyond one's control. The only chance a DC motor may have is one that is "servo controlled" (but perhaps the servo controlled motor might introduce it's own "colorations" due to the slight pulses caused by constant corrections being made to it's speed).
My suggestion: I simply went with the Basik motor setup on my Cetech'd LP12 and plugged it into the VPI "SDS" Synchronous Drive System. Not only does this work quite well for me, but now I can vary the pitch to the 100th of a Hz frequency, as well as have 45 rpm speed at the touch of a button.
My thoughts
DC Motor = speed is proportional to the voltage
Servo control = control based on a very slow (msec) feedback, usually about 5Hz.

=> Problem when the regulator 'hunt' for the 'ideal' voltage, and keeps varying the voltage.