LP -12 Felt Plater Mat

What platter mats have been tried and proven better than their standard felt mat? My only trial experience has been with a rubber mat which I did not like. If the felt mat were not seemingly prone to static build up it would be just fine.
Try boston audio carbon mat Was designed on the LP12. I have one.
Much better than the felt mat.
I liked the Non-Felt mat, or the Boston Carbon Mat
I used a Herbie's Way Excellent Mat on my LP 12 with superb results.
I have a Goldmund Relief mat and clamp on my LP-12. I do not know if they are still available, but it is definitely an upgrade over the felt mat supplied.
if you use a mat other than the felt mat do you have to make any tone arm adjustments?

Hi Xagwell,

I have used Herbie's Way Excellent Mat, and would recommend it as a substantial improvement for the price. I am now using Living Voices carbon fiber mat, and it is better than the Herbie's. I am able to use a Mitchell record clamp with the Living Voices, but can just bearly engage the top of the spindle.

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Xagwell...I think you might be pretty safe with the Non-felt mat, but all the others (Boston I'm positive) you have to change the VTA.
I heard the Boston Audio Mat1 on a friend's LP12 & it made a big difference.

As Drjoe mentioned, it was designed using the LP12.

Read the reviews:
Funk makes the Achromat that is sold by Acoustic Sounds. The VTA will need to be adjusted to accomodate the mat which comes in 2 different thicknesses 3 or 5 mm. There has been many different discussions concerning aftermarket mats and the LP 12.
I used an LP12 for years and had excellent results with the Ringmat. Way better than the felt. It had no negatives in my system.
I just restored my LP12, and am still using the felt mat. A number of poster's are saying various alternatives are "better" than the felt mat. Can somebody describe the effects of a different mat? Is it "better" or just a different "flavor", so to speak?

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As always I appreciate your responses.
I am not familiar with "Herbie's Way" or Boston Audio so more info on this would be nice.
I tried a ring mat and with good sonic results, but I returned it however because I could not justify paying that price for what I felt was construction paper with cork rings, and 2ndly, it was an aesthetic mis-match for my LP-12 platter.
The non-felt mat delivers much more air around the instruments with greater depth and width. The Boston does the same but to a slightly lesser degree, however, it seems to have more definition. When I exchange the Boston and the anti-felt, I like the one thats playing more than the one that I just listened to. They are both significant upgrades to the original felt mat. ..funny, when listening to the upgrades, the felt mat sounds "wooley". Comparing the non felt to the Boston - The Boston sounds like a top tier solid state amp, and the anti-felt sounds more tubes. Either one is a winner.
I went to the Boston web site and read with interest the info. I was shocked at the price but I think I'll try it anyway. Fortunately, I have two sons in college so my purchases are not impulsive, but well thought out. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, take care, and happy new year.