Lowther Speaker's?

Has anyone heard them? I've been throgh Totem Tabu, Magnepan 3a, 3.5, Mirage OM10, Spendor 7/1 and now Swans Esquire(I have a small room). I hear they are amazing. True?
They are extremely fast and detailed. I owned 6A's, and a friend now has 7A's. They sound thin in the mid bass, and they have an upper midrange peak that makes them sound like they have some extra detail. Cabinet matching is CRITICAL. Most use rear horn loading to try and get some midbass. This creates problems in the midrange and often leaves a ragged and unpredictable bass response. They are difficult to mate with a subwoofer, yet they need one. They can image spectacularly, and the dynamics are fantastic. All in all, my experience was that they sounded more like "hi fi" and less like music than other high quality speakers. There is a guy in St. Louis who puts them in traditional vented boxes. I forget his name, but he advertises. His system sounds better to me than any of the horn loaded versions I've heard. BTW... the drivers are quite fragile. My wife destroyed one of mine trying to vacuum the dust out of it. They also take a long long time to 'break in'. Don't buy old old used ones. The surrounds fall apart and reconing them is almost as expensive as buying new ones. The newest DX series of drivers are supposed to sound very good and be a little less expensive than the Alnico drivers, but I have only heard the Alnico drivers so I can't speak from experience about the DX guys.
The guy in St. Louis: http://users.fastrans.net/classicaudio/lowther.html Talked to him on the phone once. He has very particular ideas about equipment matching, so it's worth talking to him about the amps and other gear you're using. Obviously, he's a big fan of amps that put out less than 20 watts. You want an amp that sounds great running at less than 1 watt, because you would rarely go higher with Lowthers.