Lowether spakers: Any dissappointment: good/bad?

With 5 more days to return my Axiom M22ti, I am very iching to upgrade to a new speaker, especially after stopping by Home Depo and found out that MDF is dirt cheap for building a speaker cabinets!!

I have been reading quite a lot about Lowther speakers. Especailly for SET amp. My setup is AES SE-1 rated at 7W (300B tubes) and hopefully upcoming AES AE-3 preamp.

How good or bad of the Lowther speakers? Twl is the strong suport for this speakers which almost took me to get one myself.

Anything bad/I should be aware of if I use the Lowther with the SET amp? I don't like horn design so I will go with base reflect cabinet. (http://www.lowtherspeakers.com/Lowther.html)

Any advice on building a cabinet for this speaker or a good way to approach it would be really appreciated.


Ake, it's me again. The real choices that you have for drivers are the Lowther, Fostex, and the AER Mk1. AER is more expensive and 16 ohms. They are all good. I have the new Lowther and I think it is the best choice for your amp. The old midrange peak called "Lowther Shout" has been cured with the new whizzer cone modification. They are much smoother now. The good news is, that you can use the same cabinet designs for all 3 brands of drivers. They are all 8" drivers designed for back-horn cabinets, and the cabinet designs are exactly the same for all of them. If you want to get out cheaper, you can use the Fostex 208, for about half the price of the Lowthers. They are not as good as the Lowther, but they are still good. The AER is probably as good as the new Lowther, but is a few hundred dollars more expensive, and is only 16 ohms. If your amp works better into 16 ohms, this is a valid choice, but Lowthers can be gotten in 15 ohm versions also. The easiest/cheapest cabinets to make for any of these drivers is the Voigt Pipe. They are not perfect, but they are very good. Plans are on the Single Driver Website. You could start with them, and you will soon know if you like single-driver speakers. I'm sure you will. Then you can either stay with them, or when you can afford to, you can move your drivers into a more expensive set of cabinets. I am only one of many low power tube amp owners who use Fostex,Lowther,AER speaker systems, and find them to be the best combination of sound quality and efficiency. You need high efficiency with a 7 watt amp. If you don't want horns, then these drivers will give you the highest efficiency level without using horn loading. They are also very detailed, natural sounding, and dynamic. They are not perfect. Bass will roll off around 40Hz. Some consider the presentation to be somewhat "forward". But nothing is perfect, and these provide more of your needs than anything else. They are truly high-end products, and you will not get a lousy sounding result. There is really nothing to screw-up. No crossover to mess with, no driver matching problems. Just pop the drivers into the boxes and you're good to go. Thousands of 300B/Lowther users can't be all wrong.
If you like a real full, bloomy sound, the Lowthers will not do it. The drivers never disguise imperfections, so be prepared to not like a lot of recordings. And the amount of bass ban be disappointing.
Of course the advantages are hi-eff and resolution in the midrange.
Just be prepared to work a little to get the sound you want, and be patient.
I think it is a much better step to build your own than to buy from a mass market company!
Good luck
You are on the right path!!! Lowther type speakers are the way to go because they play music like nothing else. Building your own is another story. Use of fiber board is not a good Idea. Check out the Lowther site and do a search for speaker building there. It is not expensive to do it up right but any old box will not do. Lamhorn is a great design and also the Madalion.