Lower volume with some XLR's?

I just re-terminated a pair of interconnects from RCA to XLR for use in my Home Theater System. I currently have one pair of these same cables in the system with factory XLR termination. The pair that I terminated play at about 5 db less volume than the factory terminated cables. Did I do something wrong in my termination, or is this just the difference in the Neutrik plugs versus the factory plugs? I used Cardas silver solder, and all connections seem good.
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Not sure how improper termination or different connector would make that much difference, at least with not sounding awful as well as quieter. No idea what equipment you are using, but some preamps have different input sensitivities for different inputs, e.g., Audio Research lowers the sensitivity of the CD input since many CD players have a higher output compared to other devices. Make sure you compare to the same input or output!
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I second Elizabeth's comments. Although your statement that the cable type you modified is the same cable type as the one that was factory terminated with XLR's would seem to imply that the cable you modified has two signal conductors plus a separate shield or other ground conductor, and it would therefore be suitable to use.

Given that, and assuming you've compared the two sets of cables at the same location in the system, the volume difference is almost certainly 6 db, and the cause would be either an open (missing) connection on one of the pins, or a short between one of the two signal pins (pin 2 or pin 3) and ground (pin 1). A multimeter would allow you to quickly determine which of those possibilities is occurring.

-- Al
It is easy to make a mistake with wiring XLRs. The male and female hot and return must be wired inversely.
DUH!! I finally realized what I did. I crossed the ground wire between the input end and output end. I was so fixated on orientation when looking at the pins, that I wired the female ends the same orientation when looking at the holes. This obviously moved the ground from one side to the other from input to output. I'll rewire them and all should be fine. Just wasn't thinking that the orientation would be the opposite on the other end of the cable to keep all contacts in the proper place.
I made a coloured exploded diagram to help me keep this straight. Thoroughly confusing.
I swapped the ground and other wire, and all is well now and working as they should.

Thanks for everyone's comments.

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