lower priced power cords for emm labs CDSD/DCC2 ?

Searching the archives, and virtual systems it seems many have favored Shunyata Anaconda VX's, Harmonix Studio Master DC, Jena, Elrod statement etc. for connecting their emm Labs CDSD/DCC2.

I am wondering about other options around $500 per cord, that could work out well with the CDSD/DCC2 ?

Both units come with a fairly high quality Kimber power kord, I don't think there would be any shame in just using them. I have not tried them on the emm labs gear but for a resonibly priced power cord the silent source have always proved a good performer.

Did you finally decide to order a digital front end?
At $500, the Bob Crump TG Audio SLVR cord has a very good reputation. I use one on my modified Sony XA777ES and one on my preamp.


Congrats on getting your listening room together and buying your equipment.

As you seem to recognize, aftermarket power cords for source components can be quite tricky, as most have filtering characteristics that can really affect the sound of the component. In fact, much of the better equipment is voiced carefully around specific power cords. As for the Kimber on the EMM gear, it is a 14-gauge "PK-14 Gold", which is not a shabby cable -- it was no doubt chosen quite deliberately.

Jtinn has a lot of experience with your question -- ask him.
A few people have recommended Shunyata Anaconda VX for the Meitner gear, yet even used is more than I want to spend. Yet, I notice a few usede Black Mamba V1 or Version2 have been available for 350 to 400+. Does anyone have experience with this PC and the emm labs gear ? What about the Python VX with emm labs ? How do these lower priced or older Shunyata cables compare with say the Harmonix StudioMaster X-DC which tends to go for around 5-600 used ?
It was stated above that the Kimber power cable supplied with the EMM DCC2 & CDSD is a Kimber PK-14 Gold. On mine, the box says that this is the regular PK14, not the Gold version. Am I mistaken? Given that, any thoughts out there about upgrading to the Gold version, or even the PK 10 Palladium? (Especially on the CDSD, where the supplied PK14 sounds very good to me). Has anyone tried a Shunyata Anaconda (Vx or Alpha) on the CDSD? Thanks in advance.
I am using the Anaconda Alpha on the dac and transport and
Jena Lab T Rex on my Tenors. I didn't like the vx on the
Emm front end. I might add, I favor the warm side of neutral,
but hate bloat. This seems to be a good combo with a variaty
of interconnects and speaker cables. I listen 50/50 to classical and jazz.
Saxman2, thanks!
I use EPS 2 Signatures and they are very good power cords. However, in the $500 league I found the Siltech SPX 30 Classic G5 to be a good all rounder performer. It is a bit thinner, has less bass and it is less dynamic than the EPS 2S, but it has good resolution, it's lively and does not sound harsh. Its new price is 500 Euros per 1,5 meter set in Europe.