Lowdown on Sonic Impact Class T amp

1. Is this thing for real? 39$ and not a bad review that I can find?
2. What exactly is its use?
What exactly do you want to know about these little amplifiers? They work well with high efficiency speakers.
When modified these units really start to strut their stuff. The first thing you will notice when using a SLA 12 volt battery as the power supply, is how quiet the background is.
I snagged one of these for $19 + $4 shipping. Does a great job of driving my small Infinitys using my Rio Karma MP3 player. I load it all onto my wife's garden cart, roll it out back and lay out on my chaise catching rays and groovin' to the tunes. Sounds pretty good, and goes loud enough to enjoy it, but not so loud as to annoy the neighbors.

Buy one, they're a great deal...

Hello Papertrail, just buy one, i'm positive you will get $30. worth of smiles/fun out of it,they are incredible for even 10 times the price! Check out TRIPATHPOWER.COM Have fun. Regards, Alan
The company that manufactures this amp must be owned by an interesting person. I read a review of some fold out speakers that they make. They are made of a hard cardboard. Basically, the reviewer said, "Not bad".
Here is the review for the speakers.
Rlwainwright, who sells it for $19?
i got one for about $30.00 delivered. it is great for a portable system. i use a sony walkman and jbl n24 all weather speakers. so far it has been on vacation, to the beach, out in the garage and accompaning me on painting and house maintenance projects. in short it is great, i have a nice portable system that sounds much better than a boom box, total outlay $130.00. i'm getting mucho use out of it. the amp is somewhat rolled off in the bass below 100 hz. if you are going to use it for critical listening you need some mods to the input caps and a sla battery. my upgrade path will be to build a 41hz kit amp and get some better speakers but i'm happy for now.