Low volume listening dynamics

Hey all, question: I listen to music at a relatively low volume, but I still want the clarity to hear the details. So, will a high sensitivity speaker/driver (95 and above) give me more detail at lower volume than a less sensitive speaker? Or am I on the track in my logic (not the first time)? Or are my ears getting old? Thanks all!
I listen to music at a relatively low volume, but I still want the clarity to hear the details.

I'll take a different tack from most of the posts here. The most important thing for clarity at low volume is the room. What is the background noise level? Has bass overhang been controlled? First reflections? Slap echo?

The cleaner the acoustic, the more detail you will hear.

Here is a neat article for your enjoyment.  


It may help you with your quest for low volume listening. It is biased to tube/SET amps, but it also works for any setup (solid state). My latest amp purchase was a 1959 Motorola tube amp that was pulled from an old console stereo. They are real sleepers.

I am using it to run a pair of Decware Imperials. based off of the 1956 Jensen Imperial Reproducer.  Just bought a pair of Altec 811b horns to go with them.

I was using Tube Depot's tubecube 7 to run them. It is a neat little amp and a cheap way to try a set amp at $180. I own two. Got the second one on sale.  It is a toy and the stock tubes suck. Buy some Sovtek EL84s and a 12ax7lps. I have also rolled some Amperex 8bq5 power tubes and a Raytheon 12ax7 backplate in it. All I have to say is WOW!
Not just sensitivity of the speaker but also how resolving they are matters 
amp at lower volumes loose these resolutions 
most class A amp do a good job 
But very few has special loudness button 
that helps to beef up the music and dynamics at low volume 
try Luxmans 590Ax Int amp
and......of course......there is always the ’sit closer’ idea for times when you want more immersion at lower SPL’s.

it does allow for less ’room’ and more ’direct signal’......so the energy does not dissipate as much.

i’m in the near-field all the time anyway. but my room is ’super-tuned’ to be balanced at ’warp-9’ even when i’m in the near field. took many years of work to do that. room reflective glare drove me back until i figured it out. but at low volumes that reflective glare is much less. so it’s a quick and easy (and free) thing to try.

might need to adjust toe in for tonal balance and imaging for sitting closer.....but the advantages might be worth it even if those are slightly compromised if it's occasional.
I plan on getting a new Luxman integrated amp soon and one of the things I like about the Luxman is that it has a loudness button on the remote. My old Denon integrated amp from the 80s had a loudness button as well. Not sure why newer amps don't have a loudness button---it's definitely good for lower listening levels.