Low volume listening dynamics

Hey all, question: I listen to music at a relatively low volume, but I still want the clarity to hear the details. So, will a high sensitivity speaker/driver (95 and above) give me more detail at lower volume than a less sensitive speaker? Or am I on the track in my logic (not the first time)? Or are my ears getting old? Thanks all!
mikelavigne nailed it. As the Great Robert Harley once said, "If the first watt isn't any good why would you want 200 more of them?"
Great feedback, thank you guys. Perhaps this is the nudge I needed to whet my beak on the tube side of life with high sensitivity drivers. A private and personal musical experience, if you will.
Completely agree about the quality of the first watt and high sensitivity of the speakers for quality low-volume listening...but also consider high efficiency speakers with a flat impedance to really coax some magic out of a low volume.
I went down this path a couple of years ago and now use a 2 wpc SET amp to drive my speakers (94.5 dB). Low level listening is wonderful. Happy as a clam at high tide.
Clams are happy, and so will I be too. Don't want to dominate this format at all, but would like a couple of suggestions on a good first timer tube integrated. Will probably build my own full range speaker pair, concentrating on high efficiency drivers. Most of my listening is CD and HD streaming. No vinyl at the moment unfortunately. Thanks guys for the feedback this far. I have lots to learn.