low volume from Coda csib. Any suggestions?

My speakers are Harbeth SHL5, which were previously driven by Musical Fidelity A3.2 (separate preamp and amp) of 150 WPC, and a volume at 10-15 then was generally good and loud enough to fill my room. However, for Coda csib I need to set to 50-60 to get the same level of volume as MF gives. I am afraid the low volume might not realize its full potential, but Harbeth SHL5 takes only 25 WPC, so I do not intend to turn Coda csib (400 WPC) too high in volume.

Coda csib also has a separate preamp output for a separate amplifier, so I hooked MF A3.2 amp to it. But the sound from this combo (Coda csib preamp+MF A3.2 amp) is equally low, so I guess it was not the problem of the amp part of Coda csib.

I own three other sets of pream/amp set, so setting up is not a problem for me, and the manual provided by Coda gives good instruction as well.

Does Coda csib take time to �break in� so far as volume is concerned? Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can rectify the problem of low volume? Or maybe Coda csib is not compatible with my Harbeth set (but it pairs very well with my other hifi equipments).
If I were you I would phone Coda.
I agree with Lak that you should call Coda.
It could be several things, perhaps the preamp section of the csib is passive, and you were using an active Musical Fidelity preamp. Or it could be a difference in input voltages required for full output of the amp, or it could be defective.

I would not expect the volume to "break in" though. Call Coda, you may get to talk with Doug Dale, one of the founding engineers. They are great people to work with.
The A3.2 volume control is either a potentiometer or of that nature. The CSiB volume control uses a digitally controlled attenuator. They are two different devices. Most probably your experience with the CSiB is working as designed. A few years back I went from a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated to a Simaudio i7 which has a volume control similar to your CSiB. I experienced the exact situation as you, and at first was a bit concerned. When I understood the difference in the nature of the two volume controls, I was at ease and enjoyed the i7. It, like your CSiB, would go a ways into the volume range before I heard what I considered a lower listening volume.
Call Coda to be sure, but this may be the way it is by design. The CSib is a fine amp made by a top notch company.