Low sound from Naim CD5i-2

Hello AGon community, i just bough a Naim CD5i-2 player and don't know what when it plays i get a very very low output in volume from it, it is hooked up via RCA cable the only way to hook it up, i plug in my regular cd player it player fine, but cannot figure out why it is doing that, any ideas
Found this in the manual:

19.4 Output Socket Selection

A pair of RCA Phono output sockets are fitted on CD player rear panels to provide an alternative to the preferred DIN socket. Proceed as follows to select the RCA Phono sockets.
With the player stopped, press and hold the remote handset disp function (handset in CD mode) or, if fitted, the player disp button until the CD player prog indicator flashes. Further operations of the disp function will now cycle through each combination of the two socket types (DIN only, RCA Phono only or both). The selected option is indicated on the CD player display as shown below.
ocket Option Player Display
Both O
Press and hold the disp function a second time to exit from socket selection mode.

To avoid compromised sound quality, do not select both unless their simultaneous use is unavoidable.

Make sure you have the right outputs selected. Also, if the remote has volume controls on it, make sure they are turned all the way up. The RCA outputs might be variable.
Correction to the above info:
DIN output only display: 0
Phono output only disply: 00
DIN and phono output display: 0 00

Phono output is not variable and the volume should not be turned up on a remote.
Thanx Mofimadness, i found that in the manual my self after i posted that, finally got it working...