Low sens xover types vs Horns vs Stats/panels vs Concentric vs WBers

Weaknesses vs stremgths.

I'll start
WBers great mids/seamless image/non fatiguing/non coloration/high sens/easy to drive (= any amp will be just fine), fits any room/any field listening distance. Relatively low priced (vs competition),  light weight cabinets...let see 
 there's more but  that'll do for now

OK now onto the other 4 major designs. 
Concentrics  have some of these +'s but not same speaker. They are lets say distant cousins. 

CAN;T wait
for all the half truths listed against WBers, as ostenisible  *the weaknesses*. The downside.
This list I just GOT TO hear...
I need a  good chuckle.

so where are the xover fan-actics in support of the low sens xover style speakers??
List  5 reaosn why xover designs are the best bang for pure musical voicing of our fav music.
Tell ya what, don't need 5,  give me 3 reasons why xover designs are top dawgs..
I need a  good chuckle tonight having a  few good glasses of  some good Bordeux

You can take Uesugi's finesr amp + preamp and hook it up to xyz speaker,  The sound will be XYZ speaker , 
The Uesugi has miniscule influence.
Its covered up, Take Jadis finest amp,,,you are going to hear the speaker 1st and foremost, not the Jadis\
Which is why I invented the speaker system I have.
My tech guy inspired me to seek a  design that would sub/replace the seas Thor.
He never said go seek out WBers. 
Curiostity led me to WBers as a  possible solution/resolution/evolution.
And am i glad I did start thinking **outside the box**./
The greatest people in this world use more brain power than the avg joe.
Creativity is a gift that can be developed. 
Some have it, others don't. My ancestor was a creative genius , I got it from him. 
He was a  famous tinkerer/desighn artist back when, and much more. 
He was a  pioneer.
I am just following in his footsteps.
Few could follow his ideas. To this day his ideas are lost and forgotten. 
This helps explain why I desipse xover designs as a main voice ina system. Loathe, if not hate. 
hate is a strong word, but it goes with the times we live in. 
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