low riding Benz Micro Gold

Hello Gentlemen,

Today I noticed that my cartridge seemed to be riding a bit low. There is only about 1/16" of space between the bottom of the cartridge and the top of record. I set it up with the Mintlp tractor, and 1.9 vtf. The cartridge has probably a little over 100 hours at the most. Is this a normal part of the break in process? I use a magic eraser to clean the stylus, could I have been using too much of an upward pressure while cleaning the stylus, or could it possibly be defective?

Mike, you shouldn't be using any pressure with the Magic Eraser, you should cut a piece out and just lower the cartridge onto it and then cue it back up. No rubbing, scouring, or abrading involved.
I agree with Viridian.... in addition, I hot glue a small (1/2 inch or so square) piece to a quarter. I put the coin/ME on the turntable, and lower/raise the arm onto it a couple of times. There may be some threads of ME left on the stylus, so I use a soft brush that came with my cartridge to clean. I am using a Benz LP and it too rides very low to the record....it never bottoms out though, and sound fine.
I use a benz micro H2 which also rides low. I have not had a problem.
sounds like the Benz's may just ride a bit low, it hasn't bottomed out, or at least I haven't heard anything that would suggest that it did. I will ease up on the Magic eraser pressure, but I think the fact that it is riding a bit lower may have to do with the breakin of the cartridge. I checked the alignment again with the mint ( I last aligned it when it was new) and it was slightly off, I just realigned and it sounds wonderful. I did some reading and I was definitely applying too much pressure, I'll take it easy, thanks.
I have had two Benz Glider SL's and they both ride very low! I am sure your cartridge is fine!
All.....my.....friends......know the low rider.....
yeah my Silver Ref also rides low. sounds great thou...
Stringreen, how do you like your 'LP'? I hear it's the BOMB! ... someday when I grow up I'm gonna get one.
Just for the record, my Ruby 3 also rides much lower than the 5 or 6 previous carts I've owned. A bit of a pain setting it up with the Mint LP but well worth it once you get it right
Dear Mike: My Ruby 2 rides almost " normal " but I'm trying a Ruby 3 ( along the Ortofon A90 and the Verito that comes from audio friends. ) and like you seems to me that rides lower than other cartrridges and its performance is very good. So this is normal for Benz Micro.

regards and enjoy the music,